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Sandtrooper Costume Hire

There's only one thing cooler than a Stormtrooper... a Sandtrooper! Weathered to look like it's seen battle in the outer-rim territories, the Sandtrooper costume has to be seen to be appreciated! Built from fan made ABS armour and put together by a true enthusiast. For maximum effect, anything between 5ft 9" to 6 ft 1" is best.

Hire can be arranged at short notice. Always enquire about availability if you're interested.

Please note : unless otherwise arranged, the costume will be delivered to you on a Friday morning and collected for return the following Monday.


Sandtrooper Hire - £100 + £35 P&P

What’s Included? 

- Helmet

- Neck Seal, Gloves, Hand Armour

- Black Undersuit

- Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms, Chest and Back Plates

- Abdomen, Cod piece, Belt, Thighs, Shins

- Replica Rifle (Non firing)

- Shoulder Pauldron in Orange, White or Blue

- Boots


PLEASE NOTE – A £150 deposit is required. This is a one off payment which is refunded once the costume is returned on time and undamaged. 

What About Postage? 

A courier will deliver and collect the costume for a set price of £35 per costume.  

Any Questions?

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