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R2-D2 Hire
Amazing news! Millennium Costumes is pleased to announce that construction of our R2-D2 droid has been completed way ahead of schedule!
He is a static prop, that means he doesn't move (yet) but he beeps, whistles and lights up! R2 really is a fantastic photo opportunity for any party or event!
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Rates -
1 Hour - £50 (Plus expenses*)
2 Hours - £80 (Plus expenses*)
Each Additional Hour - £25 (Plus expenses*)
* Expenses are petrol and any other expenditure incurred in delivering R2 to your event.
Please complete the enquiry form below to make an enquiry.
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Please note that our R2 unit is designed to be a fan made static prop and not a licensed product. Any likeness to any copyrighted characters is not intended.
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